About Us

Driving Innovation in Crash Test Lighting through engineering excellence

Crash-testing is in our DNA

When you live and breathe crash testing for 10 years at one of the World’s top proving ground facilities, you understand this niche field inside out. We have practical experience of carrying out thousands of full-scale crash, sled (servo and HyGe) and field based tests.

With direct responsibility for every aspect of testing, from preparation, execution and analysis, our knowledge of test delivery is exhaustive.  This, combined with our exceptional electrical engineering expertise, through our sister company CWB Electrical Engineers, means that we can deliver solutions so skillfully engineered, people ask why it hasn’t always been done like that.

Clever thinking keeps it simple

Our approach is simple.  Clever design breaks down the most complex problems into a series of simple requirements and distills them into the simplest solution possible.

  • We use robust, reliable, and readily available system components to ensure reliability and ease of maintenance.
  • We make the control simple, visible and intuitive.
  • We design-in fast installation with modular, pre-fabricated and plug-and-play systems.

Simple solutions make future additions or alterations much easier and less costly so future-proofing is inherent in our designs.

We make engineering look good

Great engineering is beautiful… and we do great engineering.

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