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Bespoke LED crash lighting facility serving 2MN ServoSled, the largest capacity sled in the UK

Our latest installation delivers market-leading high speed camera viewing quality with an exceptional depth of field using only a fraction of the energy compared to conventional incandescent systems.

LED Crash Lighting - Inspection
LED Crash Lighting
LED Crash Lighting - Control Box
LED Crash Lighting - Rear View
LED Crash Lighting Sled
LED Crash Lighting - Detail
LED Crash Lighting - Control Box

We were tasked with delivering the maximum amount of flicker-free light over the sled carriage, to enable the high-speed cameras to film at 1,000fps. The solution features state-of-the-art lighting technology that provides in excess of 80,000 lux, using only 45Kw of power.

Our system is mounted on a light-weight, high-strength, welded curved aluminium framework and suspended on a modified crane gantry system to enable the lighting to be moved out of the way in-between tests. It gives free access for the separate, main overhead crane equipment to be used for test preparation on the sled.

The customer not only wanted a functional lighting system, but a system that enhanced the aesthetics of the facility. We chose complementary cable containment that could be manipulated to follow the contours of the framework, thus achieving the desired sleek aesthetics and providing an almost wireless look.

Total lead time for the project was 12 weeks and our team spent just three weeks on site installing and commissioning the high-tech infrastructure; our modular design significantly reduces implementation time.

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